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Architectural Design - Interior Design

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The project involves the renovation and expansion of the Valentino store located on the ground floor of the Esteva House on the Paseo de Gracia , a cataloged work with a marked and iconic rationalist character. With this work, the flagship store of the brand is completely renewed in the city from which the inspiration of Valentino's famous red dress originated .

The whole street floor is reordered and the business is extended to the first floor, where the VIP sales area and the services and warehouse are located.

The design follows the parameters of the new concept of the brand, the work of David Chipperfield , which promotes giving a new sumptuousness to the interior in a sober way, organizing the spaces in the manner of classical palaces, and using sumptuous raw materials, without impositions .

Item Architectural Design
Created by G4 Group
G4 Group
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Wescover creator since 2018
Barcelona-based architectural design studio.
Our studio creates concepts for private residences, boutiques, hotels, spas and restaurants, covering aspects such as Brand Identity, multichannel development strategy, products & services extension, customer experience design, programming, point of sale design in the context of concept launch, re-launch, repositioning and expansion.
We also manage the realisation of projects on an international scale, including permitting, tender process, engineering, project management, roll-out engineering, construction supervision and maintenance.