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G4 Group

Architectural Design - Interior Design

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The project is located in the new shopping center Morocco Mall. The project is divided into two different stores but communicated from the inside: Dior Femme and Dior Homme.
The styles of the two stores are different. In Dior Femme, a more classic style prevails, composed of wood panels of light tones, framed by molds and complemented by large mirrors. Dior Homme is characterized by a more modern style that combines black and gray lacquered wood with beech wood.

Item Architectural Design
Created by G4 Group
G4 Group
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
Barcelona-based architectural design studio.
Our studio creates concepts for private residences, boutiques, hotels, spas and restaurants, covering aspects such as Brand Identity, multichannel development strategy, products & services extension, customer experience design, programming, point of sale design in the context of concept launch, re-launch, repositioning and expansion.
We also manage the realisation of projects on an international scale, including permitting, tender process, engineering, project management, roll-out engineering, construction supervision and maintenance.