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Yula Pizza

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“Yula pizza” is a modern Neapolitan pizzeria, which appeared in the historical centre of Nizhny Novgorod. The premise is located in an ancient building occupying two floors. On the first floor there is a kitchen with an area of 70 square meters, on the second floor with the same area there is a bar zone, a guest hall and toilets. After the analysis of existing areas, it was decided to attach a glazed terrace, where a wood-burning pizza oven could be placed together with an opportunity of additional landing for twenty guests.
For this very purpose, we have created the apertures in the back wall of the building, which connected the main hall and the annex. Having made the apertures in the wall, we realized that the extension and the main hall must have something to unite them. Then we decided how to install in the empty space massive wooden countertops without legs from very old wood, which at that time was more than 250 years old. We found it during the reconstruction of the architectural monument of that era in the centre of Nizhny Novgorod and in fact saved the timber from destruction.

The second room is worth mentioning, housing a pizza oven and a pizza cooking area. In it we decided to leave the street wall of a red brick building, with graffiti inflicted during its "street life". The pizza oven itself is a living art object. It is accompanied with a huge table of the same old wood, designed for landing of twenty people. Above the table there is a lamp made of natural marble, which lets out the light of light bulbs, creating unique natural patterns reminiscent of the flame inside the furnace. Working on the interior of Yula, we decided to follow the path of the so-called "third wave coffee house" style - when harmony in space is achieved by the minimum of visual means. For example, the old brick walls were simply painted with white paint, marble tiles were put on the racks and partitions, the floor was made of terracotto technology of polished concrete with addition of marble chips. Furniture, fixtures and accessories in the pizzeria, which were brought with flea markets from Europe, date back to the era of modernism (60ss-70ss).

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