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Verhushka coffee

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"Verhushka coffee" is a small city coffee shop with its own philosophy and its message. It is located in the historical center of an old large city in central Russia, Nizhny Novgorod. The facade of the coffee shop goes to the first line of the city's pedestrian street, and the room itself is in an old apartment house. The customer initially put the only condition: to design an institution with a modern interior, but so that any visitor to the cafe had a feeling that he came to visit his friends in their apartment.
The distance between the visitor and the staff of the coffee shop should be kept to a minimum. People who walk by should have a feeling of comfort and warmth reigning inside the institution. Proceeding from the set goals, we decided not to separate the coffee making area and food from the hall by a classical bar counter. But to design a bar island in fact nothing fenced off from the main landing and guests. Of course, this island could not but become the central element of the entire interior. Accentuating its facade with a rack mounted with a certain step, we covered the island with a countertop made of natural white marble, which is pleasant both visually and to the touch. The preparation of coffee, especially an alternative way of brewing, takes place directly behind the central island, so we decided to add several seats for the guests of the establishment, who could communicate directly with the barista during the whole process. The main landing is located along the opposite wall on the couch-bench, upholstered in dark velour. Small tables of ash with brass figured inserts on the table tops and chairs with a soft back are arranged along the entire length of the bench. A few more seats are located in the back room and near the entrance.
The colour scheme of the interior is worth special attention. We decided not to stint on the emotions and colours in this project and introduced a complex pink colour in the furniture and even polished the same wooden floor that remained from the previous owners of the room. In contrast to the pink for balancing the scale, we also introduced an emerald color into the interior, and in support of the dark gray colour of the marble on the apron of the kitchen and in the upholstery of the furniture. These colours create a unique palette, echoing each other in harmony and giving the feeling of warmth in the coldest cold outside the window.

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