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Interior Design by FD Studio seen at Ulitsa Rodionova, 187, Nizhnij Novgorod - Brynza


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is a cheese-making restaurant located in the bowels of the largest and most visited shopping centre in the city. The cuisine here is a modern interpretation of Georgian dishes. In the technological zone, the owners of the restaurant decided to organize the first Nizhny Novgorod private cheese factory to make their own fresh cheeses not only as the ingredients for dishes of Georgian cuisine, but also for sale. Since the concept of the restaurant was still modern, the interior also had to be contemporary without wearisome ethnic clichés. Together with this, the task was to make the atmosphere of the restaurant comfortable and cozy for all kinds of guests. The interior of the establishment should contrast sharply with the laconic looks of the shopping center. Thus, we realized that it is necessary to zone a large spacious room, but do not build any blank walls.

It was also decided to highlight the central zone by the catwalk, raising it above the rest of the hall. Communication on the ceiling was decided not to board up, but only to cover with various elements and lamps. So in one zone at the entrance appeared wicker chandeliers resembling baskets, over the podium the ceiling was decided to hide with the help of weaving from a rope, and along the far wall we made wooden constructions in the form of "cages for birds", designed for a landing of six people. Natural, but modern materials have a cozy and harmonious interior. The furniture was chosen as comfortable as possible for a long comfortable stay in the restaurant. We decided to separate the dairy from the main hall with a round window so that the guests could observe the cheese-making process. The central wall painted by Nizhny Novgorod street artists Vasya Base and Dima Zloy deserves special mention. Representatives of the Georgian from different eras and generations are depicted on the painting with the help of lines and colors.

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