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Canteen "Green"

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The problem of an outdated canteen for employees and customers in the main office of Sberbank of Russia, the Volga region, Nizhny Novgorod, has been growing for a long time. As a result, the bank's board decided to reconstruct the old canteen into a radically new space both in its functions and in aesthetics. As a result, the hall area was increased to 400 square meters, after dismantling the suspended ceilings; it was possible to raise the height of the room to three meters. This canteen should serve up to 1000 guests per day, working only 12 hours a day. At the same time, there must necessarily be a coffee shop area and a zone for informal negotiations, events and conferences of the office staff.
On studying the technical assignment, we decided to divide the canteen space into two zones - a light hall with a quick seating and a dark hall with a coffee zone. In the light hall there is an entrance, a wardrobe, a distribution area, as well as a variety of seats with bar tables, tables for two persons and more cozy, but open cabins and sofas. While the dark hall is not used for events, it should remain part of the common dining room, but if necessary, it can be quickly transformed into a separate area. Considering this, we decided to divide the two halls with the help of a transformer partition, made of solid ash, which in a matter of seconds is composed of an accordion from a wooden rack wall.
To create the necessary transit routes and at the same time not to deprive the dining area of comfort, we built thin partitions, but in order to prevent visual crushing and reduction of the already narrow room, we made large round openings in the partitions. To decorate the openings, we applied an ornament of ash slats, which is a stylized Sberbank logo, thus emphasizing the belonging of this dining room to one of the largest banks in Europe. Mirrors were built into the oval niches in the partitions to increase the space. Due to the clear zoning of space, it was possible to create the necessary order in the movement of people flows, which in turn reduced the time for serving one visitor to three minutes.
Only a few textures and materials were used to finish the room - these are terrazzo tiles, solid ash, granite and paint. The theme of the corporate logo is somehow found in many elements of the interior, ranging from openings and ceiling lattices of the small hall to furniture. In addition to corporate aesthetics, it is also a tribute to heritage. The fact is that the building in which the canteen is located is a vivid example of modernism of the 70s, so these large and simple geometric forms are an allusion to the rich architectural past of this place.
Because of the complex shape of the room, we decided to give the main role to white color, which can enlarge and smooth the space. On the other hand, the second hall was painted in dark green color to create the atmosphere of comfort and intimacy.
The canteen was designed to be a place for a quick but healthy organic meal. All products from which food is prepared are produced on local farms without the use of chemicals. To emphasize this promise, we decided to fill the space with both living greens (pot plants, phyto-walls), and paintings on the theme of fresh foliage.

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