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Interior Design by European Home seen at 30 Log Bridge Rd, Middleton - Cupido Series

Cupido Series

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The Cupido series is the answer for those who want the most innovative flame look but are tight on space. At 11 5/8 (29.5 cm) inches deep this is the slimmest gas fireplace on the market, perfect for older buildings and condos.

The Real Flame burner system has multiple settings from roaring fire to a low glow to create your own flame picture. The 50 model has a viewable opening of 19 inches (48 cm) tall while the 70 model is 26 inches (66 cm). These result in small windows with a big flame effect.

The Cupido series is produced by Element4 B.V., the award-winning fireplace manufacturer from the Netherlands, and is imported and distributed by European Home for installations in North America.

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We are artists and designers. We are administrators and accountants. We come from as far away as Greece, but mostly in and around Boston, MA. We’re not a big group, but we are doing big things. Modern fireplaces are just the beginning. From the products we design to the way they are packed and shipped, everything we do is done with care and precision. Whether you are an architect, designer, hearth retailer or homeowner we are here to serve and support you.