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Interior Design by Emily Wunder Design seen at 34 Brunswick St, Stratford - Braai House

Braai House

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Braai is a South African word meaning outdoor barbaque, or a social gathering where the cooking of meat is taking place. Translating this word into a unique, but functional restaurant design was the challenge. It was very important to the clients that people from all walks of life would feel welcome in this space, dressed up or dressed down this restaurant is meant for all to enjoy.
When coming up for the design of this interior I was inspired by the costal airiness of South Africa but also the fun, trendy vibe of an urban setting. I wanted to capture both elements in one space, something feeling light and airy but at the same time deep and structured.
I used shiplap, natural woven fixtures, warm wood and light paint colours on the walls to capture the coastal inspiration I was looking for. This was contrasted by the use of dark painted cabinetry, metal design details, mirror tiles, and unique striped flooring to exude a trendy, urban vibe.
The final, but very important feature in this space was showcasing fire, the element that makes Braai what it is. This was done by the installation of a beautiful, wood fire pizza oven, a fire table on the back patio and three gas flame wall sconces located by each of the three front windows. This was done with the intention that patrons sitting in the restaurant would see a flame from wherever they were seated.

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Interior Designer rooted in the belief that the relationship between form and function are an inegral part of good design

When designing an interior, I always try and view myself as the person who will use the area on a daily basis. Having the ability to visualize myself maneuvering through the space is detrimental to understanding how the average person will interact with their surroundings.
I strongly believe that good design is for everyone, as living and working in beautiful spaces directly contribute to happier and healthier individuals. Being able to be a part of creating beautiful surroundings for others to enjoy continues to be the reason why design is such an integral part of my life.