Interior Design by Corey Grosser of Cory Grosser + Associates seen at SupplyFrame, Inc., Pasadena - SupplyFrame


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CG+A set out to design an office space that would make Supplyframe an unsurpassable workplace destination, allowing them to draw top incoming talent from the same pool as other tech giants notorious for their over-the-top cool office spaces. The goal was to provide all the comfort, technology, and design originality required for a modern tech company while also always maintaining a high level of sophistication and elegance. Not only is the resulting space a reflection of the latest research on the wants and needs of employees today, but its clean minimalist design will remain timeless as workforce and technology need inevitably continue to change in years to come.

Starting with a completely open floorplate set the sky as the limit for the contents of Supplyframe’s new office. It was important to the client and design team that the office had every type of space required for the company to work (and play) effectively, without sacrificing a feeling lightness, openness, and connectivity to the outdoors. The final space houses eight private offices, four glassed-in conference rooms, two kitchens, two living rooms, three “tree houses” (floating lounge nooks for private focused
work or rest), a large common area with a stage (for meetings by day, karaoke by night), a multipurpose outdoor space with a new twenty-five foot sliding glass door, and last but not least, a band room packed with instruments and recording equipment for impromptu employee jam sessions. It is an office that perfectly reflects Supplyframe’s culture to which the classic “work hard, play hard” mantra could not apply more. One of the main sources of inspiration for the look and feel of the space was a simple computer memory (or RAM) chip. If you look closely, an object designed for function and typically hidden within the body of a greater machine is actually packed with detail that translated beautifully into the design language of the space. The deep teal plate and flashy copper wire became the foundation of the color palette. The combination of traditional grid and extreme diagonal geometries also informed various architectural and furniture elements that can be seen throughout the space.

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