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Interior Design by BZ Arquitetos seen at Paulinhos Fit, Cidade Monções - Paulinhos Fit
Interior Design by BZ Arquitetos seen at Paulinhos Fit, Cidade Monções - Paulinhos Fit

Paulinhos Fit

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Located at Shopping Nações Unidas, the restaurant is part of the Paulinhos Group, with a capacity of approximately 250 seats, and serves only for lunch.

With the new trend of the public, looking for a healthier food, the client's request was to make a layout for self-service, where the payment would already be made in the weighing of the dish, and with that, the need for an accurate distribution and sizing to supply the customer demand, coupled with a fast and efficient payment system. Another request was an area for storing trays, as in this new service proposal, the customer himself would collect it.

The environment followed the new proposal, with a differentiated architecture, according to the healthy eating proposal. A decorative wooden shelf was created, with some whiteboards, with a green background and phrases about food and healthy lifestyle, recipes etc. The walls with light colors and the use of modern colors such as orange and citrus green in some architectural elements, bring modernity to the restaurant. The self-service countertops in light colors, fulfill their function of highlighting food and making it the main focus.

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Meet the Creator

To say that the good things that happen in our lives is the work of destiny, would be to greatly simplify the partnership developed between me and architect Maira Zanchetti.

Developing Architecture projects for Restaurants since the 80s, I worked with countless architects and designers, I met good professionals and many egos, but I saw few who had real pleasure with what we do best, which is to provide service.

This is what I believe BZ Arquitetos is, an office that is happy to provide the best service to its customers.

I took advantage of the beginning of my career to investigate and experience the universe of this wonderful trade that fascinates and entertains millions of people around the world. I even ventured into the difficult art of being an owner, a “restaurateur”.

What makes different people like the same space? Which environment is most appropriate for a middle class customer? What characteristics should the space have where a great businessman and his wife will happily dine? What should the environment be like where that service assistant will take his girlfriend out to have fun, or just meet friends for a delicious beer on a late Friday afternoon? How should the environment be where some beautiful couple will celebrate their wedding? What makes it a better environment to close a deal? Each environment has its characteristic according to its clientele and according to its commercial proposal, and it is this clientele and our client's commercial idea that moves our work. Creating the right environment for thousands of people to feel good and have fun and thereby create the conditions for the investment made by our clients to be very successful has always been the objective of this architectural firm. As I like to say, there is nothing further to have a portfolio full of beautiful restaurants and bars if most are empty, it is best to have beautiful and very successful spaces in the portfolio.

Having the right team to face so many challenges as, by the Grace of God, we have faced is not a simple job and I discovered that it is not only through research, interviews and temporary partnerships that the true companions of a professional journey are found, but help is also needed and I believe that this help came from God, who one day, due to one of these “accidents” of life, put a young architect in front of me, who surprised me by showing willingness to invest her talent in an enterprise with a very doubtful result and with enough strength and confidence to overcome the obstacles that I, a severe critic of my own work, would impose.

14 years have passed and the young architect has grown in knowledge and striking beauty, thus contributing with her talent and the inherent creativity of her Italian roots, to more than three hundred projects that bring joy to her frequenters and to our clients who always visit us. honored and honored with their confidence.

We are proud of what we do at Bernardes e Zanchetti Arquitetos Associados, because projects that enchanted and enchanted thousands, if not millions, of people came from our drawing boards.

To our customers our most sincere thanks for the privilege of serving them.

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