Interior Design by BrandWorks seen at Cucina On Hay, Perth - Cucina on Hay
Interior Design by BrandWorks seen at Cucina On Hay, Perth - Cucina on Hay
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Cucina on Hay pays homage to the Italy of yesteryear in a fresh, contemporary setting. The interior, inspired by the classic alimentari (Italian food store), incorporates traditional elements, refined for today’s context.The concept celebrates the simple pleasures of life: La Dolce Vita. Simple but bold, Cucina on Hay is an all-day eatery with an offer of strong coffee, good food and great company. It’s lively, but relaxed atmosphere is focused around giving and sharing and incorporates an indoor/outdoor style of eating.

The interior creates a ‘courtyard’ dining space internally, as an invited transition from the street frontage to Mercure’s sister restaurant upstairs. The space was transformed with a full-ceiling skylight, angled wooden beams, tumbled terracotta tiles and picnic style benches. The curation of a relaxed, indoor/outdoor space was complete with a wall-mounted trellis covered in ivy-like vines allowing guests to dine in the piazza.

The colour scheme is a sophisticated take on the traditional Italian red and green. Terracotta and olive tones unite Cucina and articulate the brand throughout the interior. The kitchen design, made open, backs onto an island bar and deli counter display. The deli, finished in a signature speckled terrazzo, features a rotation of fresh food options – true to its alimentari inspiration.

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