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Dandy Restaurant | Interior Design by BLAZYSGERARD | Dandy in Montréal
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Dandy Restaurant - Interior Design

Featured In Dandy, Montréal, Canada

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The customer's request was clear: he wanted a welcoming space, not pretentious, but with a touch of refinement, where you would feel elsewhere when you enter.

Located in Old Montreal on St. James Street, The Dandy is a day-only restaurant. This daytime concept has had an impact on the work of Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard from the outset. They opted for a sober but very bright place, showcasing people and dishes. In our business, we sometimes tend to want to overdo it, to put too many materials.

With the Dandy, the challenge was precisely to assume our few interventions. Inspired by the windows, the only remnants of the old life of the place, they wondered what the lobby of an insurance company would have looked like if it still existed.

They then imagined the service counter as if it were that of a bank, placing it prominently, then the dining room, all in length with two back to back rows of banquettes.

It was done, the space came alive with a strong yet simple gesture.

Sometimes that's all it takes to make a space work.

The added archways and mirrors at the back of the space echoed an existing window shape at the front.
They carefully curated the light fixtures added a much need a whim of whimsy to this spectacular space.

The result is amazing and the detailed ceiling work from which the mobiles hang from catch the eye of the passers by and draws the crowds inside.

No other BG project has gotten this much attention in a while.

The boys are proud of this baby. It's fresh, simple, modern yet completely accurate in this age and time!

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Meet the Creator
Good looking interiors for good clients who enjoy balance and truly understand the power of design in their lives.

After long moments of dreaming and talking about architecture, interior design and anything beautiful, Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard unite their talents in 2003 to create the BlazysGérard design studio.

After over 16 years of hard work, the studio remains focused on creating elegantly balanced human environments. Their useful and functional approach to interior design aims to change the perception of their clientele on interiors. Their goal is to elevate the artistic and emotional understanding and appreciation of the spaces in which they evolve.

The creative strength unique to BlazysGérard come from the union of their respective talents, which once combined, becomes this recognizable signature where sensibility through structure combined to emotion and elegance leave a trace in the imagination of many users.

Company Mission:

BlazysGérard is really about singular and prestigious interior design. Their narrative interiors tell a story that is the product of their unique vision provided by their talent.

They celebrate curiosity and creativity in all fields. As their strong architectural background helps define and set their innovative interior concepts apart, it is the passion, the knowledge, the forward thinking and their unshakable convictions that really drive them and their team to delivering spectacular timeless spaces. Reflection and knowledge are also key players.

BlazysGérard is truly committed to designing enriched, signature, and edgy spaces.
As their dynamic team composed of professionals thrives to offer flawless execution and impeccable service to their hand selected clients, they invest themselves in an ongoing state of creativity to make sure that every detail is looked after.
Nothing is left out, everything is perfect.