Interior Design by Bespoke Only seen at Kimika, New York - Kimika
Interior Design by Bespoke Only seen at Kimika, New York - Kimika
Image credit: Nicole Franzen
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The space design at Kimika is a reinterpretation of quiet luxury with a restrained approach: calming and transportive, nuanced and humble. A subdued palette with a sophisticated and calming sensibility. Minimal yet luxurious details complement an umami-rich menu. Inspired by the Itameshi concept - Italian-Japanese cuisine - Kimika looks to achieve harmony by marrying a bold palette and the simplicity of ingredients. Capturing the characteristics of the restaurant’s home Nolita, a unique blend of contemporary and grunge, we wanted to introduce a sensual fluidity that sits within its raw concrete surrounds. The furniture scheme consists of iconic Danish designs as well as custom pieces highlighting plush textile and handmade textures. The goal is a space that harbors intimacy and provides a moment of stillness for the urban diners.

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Bespoke Only

Bespoke Only

New York, NY

The Bespoke Only aesthetic is at once refined and timeless, in pursuit of both simplicity and harmony.

Bespoke Only is a multidisciplinary design firm specializing in creating spaces and experiences with a modern approach to understated luxury in the residential and commercial realms. The founder and creative director, Melissa Lee has an affinity for elevating architectural elements and stylishly integrates her modernist vision with a quiet yet strong sensibility. The importance she attributes to natural materials and to textures, layers and juxtapositions are one of the defining characteristics of her style as an interior designer and curator of spaces and experience.

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