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Dot Design Jumbo Utensil Holder in Spicy Mustard Yellow - Interior Design

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Art for the kitchen. The perfect crock for the chef who has lots of cooking tools...
A beautiful yellow utensil holder adds a pop of color to the kitchen. Can be ordered on

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Back Bay Pottery
Meet the Creator
Back Bay Pottery is based in the little town of Los Osos on the coast of California. Each piece of pottery is completely handcrafted. Whether hand-formed or wheel thrown, every piece is made with attention to detail and vibrant colors, inspired by the earth and ocean.

A little about myself…
My name is Christine, I live in the little town of Los Osos at the back of the bay in California & always have.
Growing up in this beautiful area I couldn’t help but be inspired by nature, birds, leaves, flowers, and the ocean. I was raised by artists and crafters and have been creating my whole life. I was taught how to look at things, not for what they are but for what they can become.

When I discovered ceramics (in 2010) it fit so perfectly. It is such a versatile medium that I am able to use all of my artistic skills. I love the idea of making useful and beautiful things that people will want to use every day.

I am drawn to texture and color and I make things that I want for my own home.
Most of my ideas come to me in quiet moments – often while I’m sleeping – so I keep a notebook by my bedside table to jot them down. I use both the wheel and hand building to create my pieces.

All my pottery is fired twice, and sometimes I use a process that requires a third or fourth firing. One of the best things is to open the kiln to see the amazing transformation: what was once a ball of clay is now a beautiful piece of art.
My favorite techniques is called slip trailing. I draw with a squeeze bottle filled with liquid clay. I love coming up with new designs put on my pottery. It makes each piece special & unique.

My husband Tino is a huge support for me in life and work. He built my studio, and finds all of my used equipment – like kilns and potter’s wheels – which he fixes up so they work like new.