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Created and Sold by Uhuru Design

Uhuru Design

Chairs, Tables, Workplace Install - Furniture

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As an industry leader in shared workspaces, Industrious Offices brings startups, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals under one roof, all while providing an intimate and inspiring space for collaboration.

Uhuru was brought on early to design and define the visual brand, aesthetic buildout, and programmatic standards for the company to apply nationwide. The guiding principal behind these standards is the concept of choice — or the ability for a user to curate their own experience within their work environment. We help Industrious achieve this goal by crafting diverse, personal, yet communal experiences that range from tailor made private offices and formal meeting spaces, to public cafes, casual lounges, and wellness areas.

To date, Uhuru has led the design and execution of 11+ locations across the country; including Brooklyn, Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Atlanta, and more.

Item Chairs, Tables, Workplace Install
Created by Uhuru Design