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Created and Sold by Kreoo

Gong Washbasin | Water Fixtures by Kreoo | Casa Mia in Dubai
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Gong Washbasin - Water Fixtures

Featured In Casa Mia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Here Kreoo's Gong washbasin design by Enzo Berti with GESSI tap at Casa Mia showroom in Dubai.

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Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Kreoo is a young Italian brand dedicated to design: creative freedom for unique-serial marble pieces, halfway between minimalism and sculpture.

The name Kreoo was inspired by the Greek verb kraino (that means to produce, create) and in its conjugation kreion means “the one who odes and creates”.

The reference to a Greek noun is not casual at all. Decormarmi’s know-how and its realizations themselves create a natural trait d’union with Ancient Greece, cradle of sculpture and promoter of purity in shake and proportions. Through KREOO, the parent company underlines and exalts its own capacities in projecting and realizing ideas that can satisfy formal and aesthetic exigencies even for design objects that can be reproduced in series, but are always unique thanks to its raw material.

In its debut in 2010, Kreoo lined a path towards compelling ideas dedicated to home design and contract and offered to market a new and unedited vision of the marble object. All the collections are real flexible furnishings systems that give marble an unexpected dimension of lightness and also approach it to other materials such as wood.

Kreoo means unique creative talent that is able to increase the value of marble characteristics and color options. This is also a cross street because Kreoo realize either objects for living rooms, bathroom, garden and office, always with astonishing solutions.