Furniture by Gustavo Martini seen at Milan, Milan - Grove
Furniture by Gustavo Martini seen at Milan, Milan - Grove


Every time that Martini visits his hometown, he seeks to see it from a different perspective and tries to focus on subjects that are apparently simple but illustrates the contrast that he always looks for. The project is inspired by Rio de Janeiro urban landscapes, which has lots of trees and the buildings seams to be immersed in those natural patterns. The development focused on this scene where the treetop line divides the buildings to create a furniture family, where the half top is made of raw material and the lower part is made of a structural grid. When seen all together, it’s possible to perceive the work’s horizontal orientation.

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Meet the Creator

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Gustavo Martini got awarded as Next Generation Designer of The Year 2017 by Wallpaper* and Officine Panerai. His interest in arts began at a young age with drawings, paintings and construction toys that naturally became his profession. During his graduation, he won the Idea Brazil Award and has continued to receive increased media attention as a young upcoming Brazilian author. On his Studio at the very first year, he was invited to exhibit at the Miami Art. As he has lived the majority of his life in Rio, Martini has a strong sense of connection with the city which he believes combines two contrasting worlds. This includes the metropolis with all the chaos and vertical grey landscape together with the surrounding rain forest and hidden waterfalls. Currently, Martini lives in Milan after completing a Master graduation at Istituto Marangoni where he became I’M ambassador. By working with strong identity, he has being known by his ability to produce either products or art installations worldwide. His greatest passion is to create, with complete freedom of expression. Martini typically spends the days exploring concepts, forms and volume to create a stripped experimental language that creates a unique style that can be easily recognized. Recently he collaborated with Giulio Cappellini other than having presented a sculpture at the Venice Arsenale, participated in Art markets like Piasa and also ADA which is a project by the art advisor from Floridi Doria Pamphilj family and also presented an installation for Alcantara in the renowned MAXXI museum in Rome.