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Created and Sold by David Brown

David Brown

Kendall Davis Clay Shop - Furniture

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One of my favorite projects to date! I worked with Kendall to design not only her display shelving and cabinets but also a few items that will make her work more efficient and enjoyable.
If you are in the area you should definitely stop by to see her, check out the space, and maybe buy some of her work if you like well-made things that bring you happiness. :)

Item Kendall Davis Clay Shop
Created by David Brown
David Brown
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Handmade furniture utilizing classic woodworking joinery and techniques to showcase the natural beauty of the material.

BWC is a family run business, David, Eden, and son Clive. Artisan David Brown is a third-generation woodworker who specializes in unique, custom made furniture that emphasizes and respects the natural beauty of his material. We were founded in 2014, and David made the intimidating leap to full-time in 2018. We are based out of the great city of Fort Worth, Texas.