Floral Arrangements by Fox Fodder Farm seen at Apiece Apart Pop Up Store, New York - Floral Arrangement

Floral Arrangement

Fox Fodder Farm is well-known for creating beautiful floral arrangements and unique pieces for public spaces. This floral design work perfectly suits Apiece Apart Pop Up Store's theme and ambiance.

Meet the Creator

Fox Fodder Farm is a floral design studio based in Brooklyn, New York providing floral design services wherever it may take us. FFF has two sides--shop and studio--both working to push the boundaries of what is considered floral design.
Founded in 2011 and originally based out of Taylor's landlord's garage, FFF has evolved into a full-blown creative team. Adapting to and exploring new ideas to aesthetically suit our clients' needs allows FFF to experiment with new interpretations of beauty in flowers. Fox Fodder Farm's work spans from the simplest gesture to large scale installations.

Available for commission/custom work