Fireplaces by John T Unger seen at Fever-Tree Porch at Bryant Park, New York - Big Bowl O’ Zen firebowl
Fireplaces by John T Unger seen at Fever-Tree Porch at Bryant Park, New York - Big Bowl O’ Zen firebowl

Big Bowl O’ Zen firebowl


Pricing varies by size. Gas upgrades are sold separately by a trusted partner. Price includes domestic shipping.

The Southwest Porch, located near the southern end of the Fountain Terrace, offers all visitors the ambience and luxury usually available only to a few. Equipped with a wood fueled Big Bowl O’ Zen firebowl™, Adirondack chairs, sofas, and couches typical of those found at expensive hotels and resorts, Southwest Airlines is giving all of New York an al fresco lounge to celebrate its new service to LaGuardia Airport.

Sadly, fire codes required putting a masonry wall around the Big Bowl O’ Zen, so you can really only see the inside of the bowl but you can still enjoy the fire on a chill day.

Meet the Creator

John T. Unger is a sculptor and mosaic artist in Hudson, NY. Best known for his Sculptural Firebowls, Unger was the first to cut propane tanks into decorative fire features.

Self-taught as a visual artist, Unger’s training in poetry at Interlochen Arts Academy, Naropa, and Stone Circle brings a depth and lyricism to his visual works. Music, myth and metaphor are woven into his work, a foundation of story and song. Using a variety of media, he seeks to marry construction and context. Materials and techniques are chosen for their impact on narrative, meaning and nuance as much as for form or function.

To make art that will last, he looks to the past for examples that still delight after millennia— believing the simplest forms are most likely to remain relevant. Natural history, music, literature and ancient art are his strongest inspirations.

From performing his poetry on stage at Lollapalooza in 1996, to bartering a mosaic to a bank as a down payment for a house and studio, to displaying an American flag created from over 20,000 Budweiser bottle caps at the 2015 Stagecoach Music Festival, Unger’s art practice has been as much about making good stories as making good art.