Fireplaces by All Roads seen at Private Residence, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Los Angeles - Custom Fire Pit

Custom Fire Pit

On-site welded steel and concrete natural gas fire pit for Eagle Rock, LA private residence.

Meet the Creator

Founded in 2012, All Roads is a collective that creates decorative art, functional product and also offers design services and consulting. Based in the high desert in Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree, California, they often collaborate with each other to combine skill sets. All Roads offers experience in wood and metal fabrication and textiles to solve design challenges, create objects and spaces.

Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak first worked together when she was his weekend apprentice at a vintage motorcycle repair shop in Philadelphia. It wasn’t long until they started planning their own projects together outside the garage. He is a skilled craftsman, specializing in custom fabrication and metal work. She is a textile artist, with a 10-year history working in fashion design. Together, they combine wood, metal and fiber to create objects, fine art, site-specific installations and custom furniture.