Knotweed and Sumac Curtain

Curtains & Drapes by Hart Textiles seen at Oliver Bronson House, Hudson - Knotweed and Sumac Curtain
Hart textiles hidden piece at the Bronson House, Worth Avenue in Hudson, New York. The knotweed and sumac curtain, dyed wool warp with native staghorn sumac (the dark gray/purple color) and wove in a cotton weft and dyed with invasive Japanese knotweed.


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Meet the Creator

"Hart is a design studio that brings the inspiration of the outdoors inside.
Jamie Goldenberg, founder of Hart, is a textile artist based in western Massachusetts. Her background in photography and critical theory informs her visual approach to weaving, while her connection to the outdoors and experience working with native plants informs her approach to materials and process.
Informed by her background in art and cultivating native plants, she designs, dyes and weaves objects with narratives based in the natural world, but meant for the domestic realm. Her approach uses materials from a particular place to make pieces that reflect the experience of that environment.
In her series of "Habitat" created as an artist in residence at the Textile Arts Center in New York City she explores ecosystems and the relationship between native and invasive plants. Using plants to dye fibers, she weaves their narratives together on a floor loom.
Everything created in the studio is one-of-a-kind. Custom commissions are welcome."

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