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Cups by Hamish Jackson Pottery seen at Private Residence, Chapel Hill - Whisky Cup

Whisky Cup


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This whisky tumbler is the culmination of years of research.

My father has some beautiful cut glass whisky tumblers that I have always loved. They have thick bases and a distinctive cut texture on the outside of them. I had tried to emulate the shape before but was never satisfied.

Anyway, so this time I went for it fully. I made them with heavy bases and carved sides. Oh and I rounded out the bottoms so they rock, too. Because of the shape and the weighty bottoms, there is no real chance of knocking them over: You would have to try very hard, anyway.

This one is glazed inside with a thick shino which started to move and crawl in the firing. I like this effect. It was fired on its side down low in the front chamber of the noborigama kiln at the NC Pottery Center. It got a fair whack of wood ash and nice orange flashing.

Size: Height: 2”; width: 3.25'“


Also, it’s worth noting that all of my pots are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Any further questions about this pot or for anything else, please email me through the contact page. If you like something that is sold out I can make you another just like it. I also do commissions and orders for special occasions!

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Wood Fired Pottery made with Wild Clays and Glaze Materials

I am investigating the use of all kind of rocks to use as glazes for my pots. Clay is of utmost importance to me, then form, and then the surface of the pot.

I've got a handle on the first 2 but working to innovate the third! I am most active on Instagram.

I am a potter from England, trained as an apprentice under Mark Hewitt in North Carolina and now an MFA Candidate at Utah State University.