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Created and Sold by Ulyana Zachkevych

Ulyana Zachkevych

VALUN - Couches & Sofas

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VALUN — sofa with the mildest forms.

VALUN in Ukrainian means “boulder”. It is a large broken-down fragment of rock.

The water, crashing the inaccessible crags, flowed, embraced, and dragged the fragments. It smoothed the sharp corners of the stone and created sleek streamlined shapes.

That's why the sofa called VALUN. Its dimensions give maximum comfort. Its forms give maximum tenderness. The result is maximum relaxation.

Big. Soft. Flexible.

About product

The sofa seems to be made of soft wool and covered with velvet. Almost true.

There are 3 things that make it so special — round shapes, like cotton candy, delicate fabric, and monochromatic color. This is VALUN. It will not let you go with the mind you had before.

With such a strong name, it has an extraordinary lightness. Do not be afraid to fall asleep on it or miss an important call. It is soft enough to drown on and at the same time strong to give the power. Give it a try. Take a seat. And fill up with new energy.


There are two models of the sofa with the main difference in frame and color. Choose the one that you need.

The first model is the static one with metallic shapes and straight lines. Here is the emotional purple color to maintain the balance. Due to its color, the static model will calm the interior and help the owner to relax.

The second one is dynamic with moving shapes and rounded lines. Here is the black color as an old good friend — simple, familiar, and dear. The dynamic model will absorb your negative emotions and give the necessary energy.

As seen in Private Residence, Lviv, Ukraine
Ulyana Zachkevych
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Unique you, Unique view

Hi, My name is Ulyana Zachkevych, I’m 27 years old designer of furniture, lights and decor. I’m graduated from the Lviv
National Academy of Arts as a Master of interior design also have studied in Poland and Armenia. I have participated in the
world exhibitions in Paris and Milan. My projects are published in more than 25 world design magazines. I’m people-oriented and I have the passion to create something new. I find inspiration by traveling and observing new cultures, traditional art differences and style of people living.

2021 Participation in the “Paris Design Week 2021”
Brand “Len” Paris, France

2019 Participation in the “Salone del Mobile Milan” Stand
of Sergey Makhno Architects. Project: lamps “Uma”
Milan, Italy

01. 2019 Participation in the “Maison & Objet Exhibition” Project:
collection of furniture and accessories “UKRSAVANA”
Paris, France

09. 8-16. 2017 Participation in the “Paris Design Week 2017”Project:
hanger “Hilka” Paris, France

04. 27. 2017 Winner of the competition Product design Kyiy,

2016 Participation in the contest SBID Ukraine Kyiv - UK
Kyiv. Ukraine

02. 20. 2016 Participation of object design exhibiting “Desart” Lviv.

2015 1st place in the Competition Interior awards “The young
interior designers”

2015 Participation in the contest industart in the category
of student furniture design

2015 Participation in the contest Ukrainian wood fashion

07. 08. 2015 Exibition of the best diploma works in the LNAM gallery
“table for tattoo master”