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Created and Sold by MOJOW DESIGN

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Yomi NEP Sofa Limited Edition "Etiquette" - Couches & Sofas


Emerging artist, recognized in the movement of free figuration and Neo-expressionism, Nep works on the spot giving free rein to his sensations. Her line reveals dreamlike stories that put the art of the street in the spotlight.

Discover this new limited edition in color, numbered and signed.

Design armchair from the Yomi range - Limited series of 25 pieces.

-Eco-friendly product
The material used for the seat is TPU. It is a new recyclable, biodegradable, extremely resistant and high-performance material due to its technical characteristics.

-The transparent material allows the sun's rays to pass through, resulting in a product that does not heat up in direct sunlight, providing very pleasant comfort.
Chlorine-free and odourless
Withstands extreme temperatures
Anti UV treatment

-Mechanical resistance :
300 kg for a sofa
Suitable for dogs and cats

-Its frame is made of black aluminium and can be assembled in 25 MINUTES. It is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled and stored.

-Our products are designed to last for many years. Easy to maintain, they can be cleaned with soap and water, or with a window cleaner and a cloth.

Height - 27.36 inches
Length - 59.45 inches
Width - 30.12 inches
Weight - 31.53 lbs
Number of Packages - 2

Suitable for outdoor use.

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Item Yomi NEP Sofa Limited Edition "Etiquette"
As seen in Private Residence, Tours, France
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Boldness is in the air!

Olivier Santini was born in 1966.

He has been drawing since his childhood and focusing on ideas and originality.

During his studies, he loves the aesthetics and the graphic forms and lines of materials, and likes the interactions and exchanges with metalworkers, welders.

When he is 20 years old, he creates a communications group and puts his experience and creativity into serving customers. Success follows quickly. During this period, Olivier learns the importance of team work and team spirit.

But he misses true creating, designing, the bringing to life of an object.

And he comes up with a simple idea: to create a piece of fun, attractive, innovative outdoor/indoor furniture.

In 2018 MOJOW was born!