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Created and Sold by Missana


Tibet Banquette - Couches & Sofas

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The Chief Hydro Hotel in Peebles, Glasgow has chosen our Tibet sofa for a special project creating the Tibet Banquette. Graven, the internationally recognized design studio, located in the UK, has directed the interior design project. The election of vivid colors used in the Tibet sofa, give strength and personality to this space that perfectly combines the upholstered piece with the wooden tables of some of its spaces. It has been a pleasure to be part of this project with a study like Graven, with over 28 years of successful experience specialized in interior design projects, brand design and communications, creating successful brands specialized in banking, financial, health, education, hotels, leisure, etc.

Item Tibet Banquette
Created by Missana
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
For over 20 years we have been lucky enough to have done what we love for a living, design and upholster furniture, we have always followed the ancient technics of upholstery, and we have always used top quality materials and provide as a result high-end finishings in all our products. We bring to life innovative ideas and proposals, that we traditionally produce in our workshop sited in the Valencian town of Alberic. For many years our main business was focused in Spain and France, and was mainly retail, although we have always participated in very many prestigious contract projects worldwide with classic and timeless furniture pieces. In 2010 the economic situation Spain was going through arrived also to France, our main market, and that was the key point where the owners of Missana had to take an important decision, they had to decide whether they wanted to continue or to write the last pages of the history of Missana, they of course couldn’t cope with the thought of closing Missana down, so they took the risk and decided to give the company a huge turn and get the much-needed re-branding and image change, in 2012 the new journey of Missana begun. Missana trusted the creative consultancy Masquespacio to be in charge of creating a new image, and take on marketing and advertising for the next couple of years. They started by putting together a new catalalogue, what we now call, the transition catalogue, The Twenties, something in between what we were and what we wanted to be. Bestseller products from our previous catalogue, The Chapeau, were included on The Twenties but with a much edgy look, we reupholstered them and made photoshoots on new colorful and innovative sets creating a fresh and successful catalogue, The Twenties, which highlights the high-end quality finishings, the amazing materials used and very competitive prices, the result was a wide range of outstanding and fresh products that gave Missana the whole new look they were looking for. In 2015 we decided that it was time for a new challenge, the one that would take us where we really wanted to be, and the one that hopefuly will lead to people recognizing Missana by what we want to do, high-end exclusive designer upholstered pieces that would be used in projects all around the world, and we called that challenge “The Novelties Collection”. The Novelties is a new catalogue and collection concept, during the whole of 2016 it will be a “live” catalogue, the challenge is to add at least a new product per month, by the end of the year we will have added around 20 new products, the other part of the challenge is that every piece of furniture in The Novelties have been and will be exclusively designed for Missana by different designers, both national international, emergent and well known, as a result, our The Novelties Collection would end up being unique, and that is what Missana wants to be known by, creating unique pieces of art. 2016 started as well as with many new exciting products and projects, also with a new team of collaborators, the design studio Jimenez de Nalda, they will now be in charge of Missana’s image, art direction and marketing campaigns. We are working hard on The Novelties, but we are also already working in a new exciting project for 2017 that will for sure continue to surprise, innovative products and outstanding collaborators and partners will continue to be the main ingredients for an awesome recipe, we will keep you posted!.