Couches & Sofas by Luxy seen at Centrale Fies - Biga
Couches & Sofas by Luxy seen at Centrale Fies - Biga


Behind its shapes Biga hides a functional study on the acoustics and privacy that this armchair preserves. The philosophy is to create its own space within the environment in which it operates without totally isolating itself from it.
The radius of curvature, the type of upholstery used and the internal alveolar structure, in particular in the high version, have been designed to minimize acoustic reverberation.

Meet the Creator

Work, space and aesthetics. Luxy has dedicated its history to innovating products according to these concepts. Soft and continuous lines that change the space in the offices and transform them into Workspaces. Working sofas and thinking armchairs, crafted by designers who love to sit. For 40 years, the only aim has been to produce seating spaces for people, private or collaborative, minimal or complex, standard or custom-made. The future always begins now, and Luxy is already there.