Helios Heated Lounges

Couches & Sofas by Galanter & Jones seen at Private Residence, San Francisco - Helios Heated Lounges
Image credit: Jeffery Cross
Private Residence, San Francisco, CA
A stellar view is made comfortable with the addition of heated seating. PRICING $7,900 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Helios Heated Lounges - We launched Galanter & Jones with the Helios Lounge in 2012 and it remains our best seller! Maybe it's the warmth, maybe it's the comfort or maybe it's just the look. Either way, it's everyone's favorite piece of heated outdoor furniture. Smooth like a river rock, the Helios warms your entire body with its efficient and comfortable design. Imagine the feeling of relaxing in a hot tub without getting wet. Now picture the Helios on your deck, in your garden, on a rooftop, or après-ski. The Helios keeps you warm in all seasons, day or night and extends the amount of time you can spend outdoors, together. Features - Seats 4 - Energy-efficient radiant heating - Plug-in ready 120V power, 1500 watts, 12.5 amps - Adjustable temperature. - Cast stone surface - Fully integrated colors - Approximately 250 lbs. - Powder-coated stainless steel base Dimensions 94" wide x 35" deep x 30" high Current lead time: 6-8 weeks

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"The world's most comfortable furniture happens to be heated."

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