Blossom Chandelier

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Dutch Designer Tord Boontje created the "Blossom Chandelier" with the idea of showing how crystal can be used as a soft, romantic and organic material. By now, it has now become a contemporary classic, sought after around the world.

When he first began taking a deeper look at the crystal components, he noticed the shapes resembled leaves and flower petals. This reminded him of when he was young and first saw a frozen blossom branch after an ice storm. He felt the memory of the beauty of the frozen, sparkling flowers reflected in the crystal.

This led Boontie to the idea of creating a Blossom Branch. As a shape this was exactly what he was looking for, because he wanted to break the mould of the classic symmetrical chandelier form and create something assymmetrical. Something that could release memories of romance through its sparkling beauty.

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