Chandeliers by Larose Guyon seen at Verchères, QC, Verchères - Coco
Chandeliers by Larose Guyon seen at Verchères, QC, Verchères - Coco
Image credit: Larose Guyon


Coco is a tribute to Gabrielle Chasnel, famously known as Coco Chanel. In the 1930s, she became the first woman to launch a fine jewellery collection. Chanel never left home without her pearls – she used them not only as jewellery, but as accents sewn into her light, diaphanous evening gowns.

Coco by Larose Guyon evokes that supple, elegant and wondrous intersection of jewellery and light. Like a string of pearls, this lamp’s 10 hand-blown glass globes can be arranged in several configurations to adapt to the setting where it will be admired. The finishing touch for this luminous gem is a counterweight and hook that can be added or moved from one “pearl” to another, providing all the flexibility needed for the lamp to fit its space to perfection.

Entirely handmade by local artisans, its artistic approach makes Coco a piece of lighting art, bringing finesse, beauty and poetry to any space. From brass to copper to nickel and fossil black, with globes that can be tinted to taste, it offers owners countless ways to possess a unique creation.

A metaphorical embodiment of the spirit of Paris in the ‘30s, Coco impresses with its lightness rather than its substantial size, leaving the observer awed before the grandeur of the legendary Coco Chanel.

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Meet the Creator

We are Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon. Together, we founded LAROSE GUYON, based in Verchères, a small picturesque village along the St. Lawrence River, near Montreal. We seek harmony in the use of luxurious materials through a great formal sobriety to create high-end objects, original and distinctive; cared for down to the smallest detail.

It was in 2014 that our paths finally crossed. Having long evolved on the parallel paths of object design, interior design, architecture, fashion design and furniture design, having won several awards from Montreal to London and founded in 2013 Les Ateliers Guyon, we are today two designers in love.

We combine our two complementary visions to offer simple, elegant and functional objects. By a romantic aesthetic, we contaminate the daily life of poetry and beauty inside objects of obvious luxury, coated with warmth and humility.

With an approach marked by refinement and distinction, we draw inspiration from art, nature, times and traditions. It is therefore marked with love that we create, design and manufacture objects in our image, helped by local artisans and their expertise.