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Fragiskos Bitros
Chandeliers by Fragiskos Bitros seen at Miami, Miami - Cultural Centre
Chandeliers by Fragiskos Bitros seen at Miami, Miami - Cultural Centre

Cultural Centre

Commission time: 12-15 Weeks

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One of a Kind item
"Roots XXL" - Ceiling Light (special request)

The specific creation was made upon a special request by the Village Council of Pinecrest and was placed at the Cultural Centre of Pinecrest, Miami.

The light fixture is a 20-branches-chandelier made of Pewter (silver colour) extended at its maximum diameter of 120cm/47". The diameter of the light fixture is approximate as pewter wire is highly flexible - that makes the entire fixture very versatile: by bending and shaping the wires, the fixture's overall size can be adjusted to fit in the space. It takes 12-Volt G4 bulbs of 10W each, which corresponds to a 40W conventional lamp, while the light fixture comes complete with its own transformer (ingeniously kept out of sight) that turns the 220V or 110V to 12V. It is available both in 220V/110V.

As a HANDMADE creation is tailor-made to the needs of the customer - which means that the specific creation could be modified in size so as to meet any customer's requirements.
The light fixture is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the designer.

• Roots' Finish
- Pewter (silver colour)
- Brown with golden and coppery tips
- Ecru with golden tips
- Copper with dark brown tips

• Available Light Fixture
- Light Fixture attached to the Ceiling
- Suspended Light Fixture (the fixture is then fitted with 3 adjustable suspended wires, allowing customizing the fixture's distance from the ceiling)

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Fragiskos Bitros

Meet the Creator

Hand-made creations to live by...

Fragiskos Bitros is founder and Head Designer of F+M FOS, a company that specializes in the creation of artistic Lighting and Furniture. He is surrounded by an experienced team of craftsmen, while his handmade creations include Ceiling, Wall and Floor Light fixtures, as well as Table Lamps. Materials being used are the leaf of 14-carat Gold, Silver, and Copper along with others, such as metallic nets, thorns, precious and semi-precious stones.

The Lightings, the Furniture but, also, the Idea of F+M FOS in general is to bring a theatricality in every space in an intense artistic character. For this, apart from every creation that is tailor-made to the standards and needs of the customer, advice for interior design is offered in order for the final result to reflect the personality of the persons who will live and move around the space. Designs are inspired by different eras reflecting an array of cultures spreading from the ancient Greek to the Byzantine period and up to nowadays. Other designs are nature-inspired creating a country atmosphere.

"To achieve this, I had to go back in time.. and convert our industrialized times into a handcrafted art..", Fragiskos avows.

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