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The light installation is a teardrop-shaped chandelier with deliciously unique lights that celebrate the fascinating nature of raindrops, where no drop is the same as the next. Each drop is hand-blown by artisans and intricately engineered to house the lighting strategy for the chandelier. When you see a light sculpture designed to increase the visual appeal of a room and define its luminous character, you stop on your way to admire it. It’s the case of the Raindrop chandelier known as “The Pour”, a modern light sculpture meant to illuminate and beautify its chosen location to create an architectural relationship with space. The drop itself is constructed of two parts: the brass screw cap, which houses the light, and the hand-blown crystal reflecting the light to create puddles on the floor below. To replicate the nature of raindrops, no two drops are blown identical. The name “The Pour” derives from the distinctive shape that the chandelier forms: an exaggeration of the dramatic motion of water pouring out of a carafe. Designed by forming a grid mimicking how puddles ripple outward in concentric circles, each teardrop is hung to brass pipes of varying lengths. Placed strategically on the grid, the teardrops lock into the mirrored base that fits seamlessly between the two existing columns. The mirrored base reflects the teardrops endlessly into the sky above and when lit. The chandelier echoes rain frozen in time with ephemeral puddles overlaid on the floor below.


Collection: Organic
Size: 58” Long x 13” Width x 72” Height (112 Lights)
Shape: Rectangular
Frame Finish: Patina Dark Bronze
Materials: Metal, Glass
Extension: 12' feet adjustable wiring available in black or silver
Glass: Hand-blown glass
Bulbs: 112 Bulbs 110V USA/220V Europe 40 W candelabra bulbs (included)
Weight: 135 lbs. (for the 58" L)
Assembly: Some Assembly
Dimmer Switch Compatible: Optional
Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to the total
Regular Lead Time: 8-12 Weeks
Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes parts replacement)


30” Long x 13” Width x 66” Height (69 Lights) $3,360.00
36” Long x 13” Width x 66” Height (79 Lights) $4,660.00
42” Long x 13” Width x 66” Height (89 Lights) $6,470.00
58” Long x 16” Width x 72” Height (112 Lights) $7,670.00
71” Long x 20" Width x 82” Height (242 Lights)$9,820.00

Shipping: USPS 3-5 days

80H x 30W x 30D in135 lb

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