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AM6600 FAIRY SHOWER - Chandeliers

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The rectangular suspended ball light is a gorgeous mix of modern world and contemporary class, designed to perfection with just the right amount of glass to create a piece that looks futuristic even as the years pass. This unique and stunning fixture features small glass sphere pendants with a frost cylinder shaped area that holds the light bulbs. These lights look like small candles floating in spheres of water, which give it not just a contemporary edge, but a tranquil one. These tiny bubbles like pendants “float” in a gorgeous, subtle fashion from above. In addition to its effortlessly chic air, it's also available in many sizes to fit your needs and budget. At Alan Mizrahi Lighting we specialize in bringing lighting concepts to reality, whether your inspiration comes from a rough sketch, an existing chandelier, our original concepts, or even your own creative imagination. Large or small, our team can meet the challenge, and can even coordinate the production of a private collection, where all finishes are kept consistent.

Shape: Rectangular
Size: 24” Width x 24" Height (Custom sizes are also available)
Materials: Nickel, Glass
Finish: Polished Chrome (Custom finishes are available at no additional cost)
Lights: 20L 10 watts G9 bulbs (included) Max bulbs. Suggested: 20W
Extension: Adjustable Height 18' Feet
Weight: 85 lbs.
Assembly: Each piece comes with easy to understand assembly instructions for your convenience.
Dimmer Switch Compatible: Optional
Shipping: Free Worldwide
Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to
Regular Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks
Warranty: 3 years for pieces under 30”, 5 years for pieces over 30”
Price/Size Options:

16” Width x 16" Height$1,210.00
20” Width x 20" Height$1,450.00
24” Width x 24" Height (as shown)$1,832.00
30” Width x 30" Height$2,428.00
36” Width x 36" Height$3,114.00
42” Width x 42" Height$3,911.00
48” Width x 48" Height$4,512.00
55” Width x 55" Height$5,825.00
60” Width x 60" Height$6,010.00
72” Width x 72" Height$6.814.00

24” Long x 15" Wide $2,350.00
32” Long x 18" Wide$2,744.00
40” Long x 20" Wide$3,004.00
48” Long x 20" Wide$3,626.00
50” Long x 20" Wide$4,219.00
55” Long x 24" Wide$4,805.00
60” Long x 24" Wide$5,137.00
68” Long x 24" Wide$5,610.00
75” Long x 24" Wide $6,280.00
95” Long x 28" Wide $8,880.00

Shipping: USPS 3-5 days

40H x 30W x 30D in85 lb

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