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Chandeliers by Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design seen at Private Residence, Dallas - AM2704 BURLESQUE
Chandeliers by Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design seen at Private Residence, Dallas - AM2704 BURLESQUE



Creation time: 6-10 Weeks
Custom Options Available. Ask The Creator For Customization.


shipping in the US, ask the creator about international shipping.
1-5 business days. From the date of availability.

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AM2704 Burlesque is specially made according to the specific requirements of artful skills of craftsmanship, an example of “tailor-made” sweep us into the lighting design dimension. Space is swallowed up by this spectacular chandelier as light reveals itself. At Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design, we supply and manufacture many highly sought-after designer pieces. All Chandeliers can be customized by a number of lights, style, color, and size to meet your specific needs. Every chandelier can also be combined with a matching table lamp and wall lamp to accomplish the best room design. Our company provides collections that can make all your project dreams come true. Lighting products play an important role in any room setting. Hence, you need to make sure that the items you choose should brighten the room while rendering it a relaxing and welcoming feel as well.

Collection: Organic
Size: 36" Wide x 47" Height
Shape: Pendant
Frame Finish: Polished Black (Different finish options available at no additional cost)
Materials: Brass, Crystal
Extension: Adjustable 12-ft cable
Bulbs: 36 Light 40 Watt Candelabra 110/220V
Weight: 138 lbs.
Assembly: Some Assembly
Dimmer Switch Compatible: Optional
Shipping: Free Door-To-Door Shipping Worldwide!
Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to the total
Regular Lead Time: 6-10 Weeks
Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes parts replacement)

Size & Price:
20" Wide x 35" Height$2,330.00
36" Wide x 47" Height $3,540.00
41" Wide x 51" Height$4,239.00
47" Wide x 45" Height $5,643.00
55" Wide x 62" Height$6,775.00
62" Wide x 62" Height$7,560.00
68" Wide x 64" Height$9,612.00
74" Wide x 64" Height$11,627.00
80" Wide x 64" Height$14,370.00
92" Wide x 70" Height$16,370.00
Custom Sizes, Finishes, Colors Available Upon Request

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The company sells quality lighting design products, contractors, and interior designers across the world. We currently have close few showrooms, located in the USA and open in Europe is our latest effort to bring quality products straight to the customer.

Our staff is certified by the worldwide Lighting Association and trained in interior design to better help you find the best lighting and design solutions to meet your needs.

To truly know Lighting Design is to know our owner, interior designer Alan Mizrahi. In a world of clutter, hype, and complacency, Alan Mizrahi has an eye for seeing and giving his customers' lighting and design alternatives that provide traditional elegance with refreshingly new, innovative beauty. Alan has taken his knowledge of the electrical contracting business, which he and his family have successfully run for the past years, and blended it with his eye for designing beautiful and comfortable homes to create Lighting company in successfully managed the difficulties continuing to provide customers with personal service and the latest innovations in the lighting industry. This progressive attitude is reflected in the fact promise of giving more people the comfort and refuge they long for in their projects by continuing to provide them with quality lighting and expert personal service.

Alan Mizrahi Lighting contemporary chandelier. When they set up Alan Mizrahi Lighting marketplaces explore the contemporary potential of crystal chandeliers. Their knowledge is considered not only world-class but also Alan Mizrahi Lighting has an aesthetic, which has brought them to the attention of a deeply fashionable design crowd. Alan Mizrahi Lighting backs the old idea of an overburdened chandelier to its essentials and bringing a fresh, airy, contemporary quality to classic materials.

Since starting the company Alan Mizrahi Lighting has collaborated with many leading designers, architects, and Lighting project planners.

One of Kind project-based Lighting Fixtures
Our Vision on Crystal Chandeliers to fit your special Interior
LED Chandeliers
Alan Mizrahi Lighting designs with the best crystal available, but they also utilize other materials like Murano Glass, Handmade Antique Glass, Alabaster, Aluminum, Silicon, Wood, or Silk in different combinations. We constantly explore new technologies to realize our ideas.

All metalwork is done in brass, aluminum, or stainless steel for large fixtures, and we can do all kinds of surface finishing such as 24-carat Gold, Nickel, Chrome, Silver plating, antique finish... We select the best materials and pay attention to every single detail resulting in chandeliers that will last a lifetime.

Alan Mizrahi Lighting team working to find the perfect solution for each individual client. We have a different view on chandeliers and look for unconventional solutions, bring our ideas to fruition.

Alan Mizrahi Lighting is also working with the architects and interior designers, translating their idea of lighting pieces or architectural modules. This means the most beautiful solution within the bounds. It goes with our client's projects chandeliers in every classification from classic to contemporary, or even traditional Arabian to mid-century colonial American styles.

Together with the architects and designers of the site, we offer to take care of the decorative lighting concept design and solution for every situation. All information needed, well ahead of the actual installation. Templates and technical information are made according to the specific situation. Our chandeliers come with easy to understand installation manuals. Alan Mizrahi Lighting has also an installation team operating on your service.

Alan Mizrahi Lighting has used the designs to produce the highest quality fixtures that meet client demands and project requirements. These collaborations have been very successful and have resulted in many satisfied clients whose projects all over the world, especially in Europe, are included in our reference materials. The company sells quality lighting and design products, contractors, and interior designers across the world.

Available for commission/custom work