Bartlett Backless Bar Stool
by Fyrn
Chairs by Fyrn seen at The Cordial, San Francisco - Bartlett Backless Bar Stool
Fyrn's Bartlett Backless Bar Stool at The Cordial San Francisco. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Bartlett backless bar stool is made for bar ­height counters and is a favorite in a handful of renowned restaurants and bars across San Francisco. We knew if it was lightweight and durable enough to survive in restaurants across this city, it could make itself at home anywhere. A broad profile and comfortable seat encourage patrons to stick around for that extra drink. -North American Hardwoods -Metal brackets designed and made in­ house -Natural oil matte finish -Comfort-­first design -Lightweight for versatility -Built to last -Made with love by folks in California Specifications Dimensions: Height 28.8” x Width 18.3” x Depth ­ 17.3” Weight: 5.0 Kg / 11 lbs" PRICING $795.00 commercial trade pricing available home assembly also available inquire for upholstery options

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