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Created and Sold by Fyrn

Fyrn De Haro Backless Counter Stool - Ox Oak, Black Metal | Chairs by Fyrn
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Fyrn De Haro Backless Counter Stool - Ox Oak, Black Metal - Chairs

Price $645

The De Haro counter stool makes itself right at home at a kitchen counter or island. Well­placed foot rests contribute to its clean lines and surprising comfort. North American hardwoods and patented metal brackets made in­house are the base materials that bring this functional and modern yet timeless design to life. The entire Stemn line is lightweight, versatile and extremely durable.

-North American Hardwoods
-Metal brackets designed and made in­ house
-Natural oil matte finish
-Comfort-­first design
-Lightweight for versatility
-Built to last
-Made with love by folks in California

Dimensions: Height 25.3” x Width 18” x Depth ­ 17”
Weight: 4.5 Kg / 10 lbs

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Item Fyrn De Haro Backless Counter Stool - Ox Oak, Black Metal
Created by Fyrn
As seen in Creator's Studio, San Francisco, CA
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Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
Fyrn creates modern furniture of uncommon heirloom quality. Founded by fourth generation craftsman Ros Broughton and built by a team of San Franciscan tradespeople, this local studio aims to inspire a sense of connection between people, places, and materials.

Fyrn is an Old English prefix, pronounced "fē, yərn/," meaning: ancient, of old. The name marks the company's roots in traditional furniture making by people that take pride in working with their hands to make useful and beautiful things. Fyrn is dedicated to furthering these meaningful traditions and values.

Their first public offering, the Stemn Series, aims to change the way people relate to and value the objects they choose for their homes. Before opening sales up to the public, Fyrn spent several years creating made-to-order pilot builds for local commercial clients and SF residents. Early customers include renowned San Francisco restaurants Bellota, Shakewell, The Morris, and Piccino, as well as Google and Dropbox. Their success in these public spaces is a testament to the comfort and durability of their designs, “We’re always surprised and delighted when someone tells us they found us by turning their chair upside down in the middle of a meal, because they so enjoyed the experience of sitting on it.”

Fyrn may create classic pieces but they approach the entire production cycle with modern sensibility. From design to delivery they source materials responsibly, reduce/reuse waste where possible, develop new manufacturing technology in-house, and, of course, enhance the natural elements of their pieces.

“We believe that the relationship between you and a chair is like a handshake or an agreement. You just know when it feels right.” —Ros Broughton