Chairs by François Azambourg seen at Arlo SoHo, New York - Jockey
Chairs by François Azambourg seen at Arlo SoHo, New York - Jockey
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Jockey is an orange leather seat that was designed to welcome the body in a flexible and soft embrace. Feel restful and at ease when you sit on one of these comfy armchairs. Created by Francois Azambourg, a French interior designer, this furniture was found at Arlo SoHo.

Meet the Creator

François Azambourg

François Azambourg

Paris, France

"François Azambourg is one of the leaders of french interior design contemporary movement. Fascinated by the idea of “light as material”, he creates suggestive and magic objects using inusual techniques and material both strong and light in the same time. His career began by experimenting with new materials and bags for Hermès, tooking part in Designers’ Days, and designing a 'micro restaurant' in Lille in 2004; these projects form the basis of his philosophy: a designer must be able and willing to contradict himself and not be held to his original choice of style. Azambourg holds the object in much higher regard. His projects are a blend of the techniques and style of applied arts: Mr. Bugatti seatings collection, for example, introduces simple metal elements, that become infinitely more interesting for the combining with the internal polyurethane foam and for the “crumpled” manufacture of the surfaces.

Azambourg won the awards Lauréat de la Villa Medici Hors les murs (2003), the Grand Prix du Design de Paris (2004), the Lauréat du Concours Top Plastique for three times and the Lauréat du concours du Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

He also cooperates closely with Japanese Companies dealing with the recycling of plastics."

Available for commission/custom work