Ceramic Plates by Akiko's Pottery seen at COI, San Francisco - Handmade Black Dinner Plate

Handmade Black Dinner Plate

The colours at COI range, so naturally the commissioned earthenware does as well. Dark glaze ceramic plate.
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Meet the Creator

Akiko Graham is a sought-after, one-woman show. Her handmade stoneware tableware— either wheel thrown or slab built —can be found in dozens in restaurants and her unique touch can be seen in each piece. Originally from Hokkaido, Japan, she personally produces each item from her Seattle-based studio. While her style has inspired ceramicists around the world, when you pickup a piece by Akiko you’ll familiarize yourself with her style and actually feel it’s an original. And, if you're lucky enough to get on this ceramicists waiting list, your tableware will last!

Available for commission/custom work

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