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Fluff Bench Jr.

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This funny fur bench was first designed and made by us for us when we first moved to California. Entirely constructed somewhere between our living room and kitchen, Junior was part emotional support animal and part an expression of all the anxiety and angst of leaving friends and family and arriving at a new place and the hopes of starting something new.
In 2019 when we designed the collection Dessert Menu, we knew the wispy, candy hair and happy six legged stance of the fluff bench made it a natural fit for the collection that explored different notions of ‘sweet’.


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Collaborative studio exploring softness in furniture and home objects

Soft-geometry is a collaborative design studio exploring opportunities for softness, slowness and intimacy, built with time and process, in furniture and home objects. Inspired in part by a shared aesthetic for pure geometries and in part by their ‘soft’ personalities, founder- designers Utharaa L Zacharias and Palaash Chaudhary built soft-geometry as an antithesis to the big, bold, fast and perfect. They aim instead at a sort of forever experiment with form, color and materials that bridges artisan crafts and handmade processes on one hand; and the forms, language and efficiency of modern manufacturing on the other.