Art Curation by Sabre Esler seen at Art Basel, Miami Beach - SCOPE 2016 with Art Ponte Gallery
Art Curation by Sabre Esler seen at Art Basel, Miami Beach - SCOPE 2016 with Art Ponte Gallery
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Item SCOPE 2016 with Art Ponte Gallery
Created by Sabre Esler

SCOPE 2016 with Art Ponte Gallery

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The paintings is about decision making and the complex web that develops. Oil on canvas, 48 x 60, 2016. The triptych is 3 pieces made of oil on wood, LED, aluminum barrels with etched plexiglass. Here I describe how thoughts are like molecules that develop and condense into a decision.

Meet the Creator

Sabre Esler

Sabre Esler

Atlanta, GA

I am an interdisciplinary artist using all mediums to describe how we think, collectively and as individuals. We are all connected. I am passionate about looking at these connections.

Sabre Esler is an Atlanta based mixed media artist. Her current work is focused on the architecture of thought. Her paintings are manipulations of patterns created from sculptures. Some paintings reflect architectural elements, such as windows and girders. The framework is a metaphor for the way thoughts are constructed.
Sabre’s process starts with a sculpture to begin an inquiry about thought patterns. She uses research from mathematics, neurology and psychology to inform the patterns in her work. The sculpture becomes a resource to create two dimensional works that act like memories. This process allows for her to manipulate the patterns, altering them to create dimension and consider formal aspects of each piece. She loves working in all mediums to explore ideas.

Her work has been showcased in solo shows in Boston, Knoxville, Charleston and Atlanta. Alexandria Museum, LA awarded her an Honorable Mention in 2016. Also, in 2016, she was accepted to a juried show at Art Basel, Miami. Lelia Mordoch (Paris, Miami) took her pieces for a group show in April, 2017. This winter she will again show her work at Art Basel. She completed her first site specific installation with Hambidge Creative Hive.She is a new Hambidge Fellow, as of 2018. Her work is in permanent collections at SunTrust, The Federal Reserve Bank, Ritz Carlton, Miami University, Tufts University, Hilton Hotels, to name a few.

Sabre, an Ohio native, graduated from Miami University, Oxford OH with a BFA in graphic design/illustration and a minor in biology in 1987. She continued her art career, first in advertising and design and began painting in 1995. She completed her MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Atlanta in 2015.

Available for commission/custom work