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As an independent hotel in Denver’s newest micro-district, The Dairy Block, The Maven celebrates craft and creativity while delighting in both the past and present. Thoughtfully curated to bring together Denver’s artistic community through a progressive, cumulative experience, the hotel’s art program embodies the unexpected, plays with old and new, and is like nothing else in the city. The Maven’s art program leverages the power and presence of the maker tenfold: the individual works join together in a dynamic, complex conversation that sings and dances with energy. For example, The Quantifiable and the Ineffable by Andrew Tirado, a ten-foot long hand made from reclaimed wood, makes a stunning statement in the lobby as an homage to George Nakashima, one of the fathers of the American craft movement. Tirado’s hand points to the corridor and Travis Hetman’s 300-plus piece installation, Dark Matter Gathering, which creates a framed galaxy of sorts from found black and white photographs. In the lower level, sound works by Jim Green greet visitors as they enter the restrooms while Chris Bagley’s interactive Disco River creates a psychedelic experience in the hallway. On the guest floor elevator banks, Robert Weidmann’s intricately patterned murals that spill onto the floor envelope visitors in complex geometries. The standard suites feature bold, figurative murals by local artists Jason Thielke, Karen Fisher and Molly Bounds while the baseball-themed Diamond Suite showcases miniature baseball card paintings by Jim Thompson and local artist Annie Scaglione’s Ballpark Bites. In the standard guestrooms, NINE dot ARTS paired Mario Zoots’ graphic collages, Mike Giant’s black and white Americana illustrations, Travis Hetman’s architectural landscape, Kelsey McNatt’s fashion-forward watercolor, and Courtney Leapley’s cheeky text works. NINE dot ARTS developed an art program for The Maven with a gravitational pull that makes each individual artwork a destination in and of itself.

Item Art Curation
Created by NINE dot ARTS
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NINE dot ARTS bridges the gap between arts and business. We are an award-winning art advisory firm known for its curatorial creativity, management of large-scale multi-phase projects and forward-thinking vision. With knowledge and experience we curate inspiring art collections that show beauty, creativity, and purpose.
NINE dot ARTS® uses the power of original art to transform ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences.