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Art Curation

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The Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins celebrates the adventurous spirit of northern Colorado with talented local and regional artists, many of whom studied at Colorado State University (CSU), exploring themes in music and nature. The art program integrates music via subject matter, materials, mood, harmony and rhythm. One of Denver-based artist Nikki Pike’s many Sound Totems, which combine an mp3 player with a tree trunk to pay homage to Sioux culture, lines the hotel lobby. Similar pieces have been placed in trees scattered across the Mile High City. This specific installation features music from Land Lines, a Denver-based band with CSU alum musicians.

References to the surrounding landscape are incorporated throughout the hotel. Haley Bates, a Fort Collins-based artist and CSU professor, used cut steel with soft, organic shapes to address the flexibility of nature, while Denver-based artist Kevin Sloan’s oil paintings on canvas feature whimsical, expressionistic animals. Sloan’s pieces give clever nods to Fort Collins and Colorado, including the incorporation of the score and lyrics of “Where the Columbines Grow” (the state song) and a ram subtly peeking into one of the scenes.

The suites approach each theme: Beer & Bikes, The Ram, and Music in a myriad of ways through a mixture of fine art and unusual found objects. A David Bowie portrait painted on a plate sits upon a shelf in the music suite. A neon sign by Joel Swanson, flashes “Drink, Drank, Drunk” in the beers and Bikes suite. Together, the Elizabeth Hotel’s art collection creates an elegant, rhythmic conversation that fluctuates between themes and serves as a testament to the hotel’s commitment to both the creative process and performance.

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