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The St. Paul Collection draws inspiration from the distinctive energy of Cherry Creek and tells a story of life, warmth, and luxury. 210 St. Paul’s art collection rivals that of a luxury hotel, an innovative approach to a collection housed within a residential building, catering hotel luxury in design and curation as an everyday experience for residents and visitors.

The artists included in this collection are a conscious combination of local and national, edgy and traditional, mentee and mentor, as well as emerging and established.

Our curators took special consideration to choose pieces with a focus on materiality. With sleek design finishes and building materials throughout the property, the artwork serves to exude effortless approachability and a sense of the artists’ hand to compliment the elegant design.

Residents and visitors are greeted upon entry by a sleek outdoor sculpture made of black granite by Jonathan Price, titled Red, and an impressive abstract painting on raw canvas by Landon Metz, Untitled. The use of raw canvas is carried through the collection by two strategically placed pieces by painter Leon Benn, both with exposed canvases, mixed media and thick paint application. Reflective surfaces such as the acrylic panel of Lisa Solberg’s Night, and stretched mylar of Peter Bonde’s piece in the amenity space add dimension and visual interest. Hyland Mather’s collages are featured on odd level elevator lobbies and feature found vintage images which bring depth and texture to the cut paper slogans that compliment them.

210 St. Paul is located in the heart of Cherry Creek, a bustling urban area. NINE dot ARTS’ curators introduced nature into this space in unexpected and interesting ways. Caleb Hahne’s Runners at Dark incorporates nature through hints of leaves gently falling to the ground. In the second floor amenity space, Bill Stockman’s signature logs in his Daily Drawings allow the viewer to imagine they are walking through the woods on winter day, while Ian Fisher’s Atmosphere No. 95 looks upward at the sky and the colors that are created from sun filtering through the clouds. Carmen Chan’s travel photography is featured on the even level elevator lobbies and they whisk the viewer away on a road trip around the American West. Cole Thompson’s black and white photographs on the 8th floor present mountainous landscapes in stark and dramatic tones of black and white.

210 St. Paul’s artwork collection is representative of local talent, both new and well-known, as well as national up-and-comers. The large number of commissions is unique to this project and greatly influences the collection’s identity- effortless, luxurious, and distinctive.

Item Art Curation
Created by NINE dot ARTS
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