Art Curation by Kelly Sheppard Murray Art seen at VAE Raleigh, Raleigh - "Accumulated Color"
Art Curation by Kelly Sheppard Murray Art seen at VAE Raleigh, Raleigh - "Accumulated Color"
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Item "Accumulated Color"
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This exhibition was a temporary installation that included around 140 sculptural elements from the Curiosities Series. The individual piece are steel wire, wire mesh and encaustic.

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Kelly Sheppard Murray Art

Kelly Sheppard Murray Art

Raleigh, NC

Guided by the idea that consistent small actions create significant impact, my work grows over time. I create small sculptures to allow my own daily actions to grow the body of work. This process of creating over time is meant to also tie to the notion that our small daily actions have an environmental impact. I encase, cover, stitch or layer found, cast-off or surplus materials to create objects or images that are not easily identified as natural or man-made. Industrial materials commonly used for domestic construction are useful for sculpture but also connect to ideas about development and construction. I employ raw textural materials and surfaces to embrace a physical sense that connects us to nature. Bold colors are also used to confuse the idea of whether something is natural or manmade.

My art employs natural forms, plants, grids, geometric structures, and repetitive patterns. This imagery frequently suggests landscape, topography, buildings, and fences although not precisely representing any one subject. Forms and processes of nature, like moss or lichen encrusting surfaces, fascinate me. I am also interested in how human behavior alters natural or man-made forms and spaces. Combining and considering the similarities or differences in these processes allows me to deal with the intertwined relationship of human activity with nature.

Available for commission/custom work