Towards Equality Artists’ Showcase, June 8 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Art Curation by Cynthia Tom Art, in Chinese Historical Society of America MuseumSan Francisco, CA

Art Curation by Cynthia Tom Art seen at Chinese Historical Society of America Museum, San Francisco - Towards Equality Artists’ Showcase,  June 8 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Image credit: Left: Photo of Lenora Lee by Robbie Sweeny. Center: Photo courtesy Cynthia Tom. Right: Photo courtesy Katie Quan.

Towards Equality Artists’ Showcase, June 8 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

“Towards Equality” Women Artists Lenora Lee, Katie Quan, & Cynthia Tom will discuss their experiences leading workshops at CHSA. They will show audience members new works-in-progress, inspired by their time at CHSA. Seating is limited – Purchase tickets on Tickets include admission to CHSA’s galleries and exhibitions. For her art practice of 25+ years, Cynthia Tom is a philosopher and “street archeologist” obsessively curious about issues in her life, her family and her communities. Being raised as a person of color in this multicultural environment informs her life and work in the community. Painting, mixed media, art installation and community projects are her tools to spark imagination, kindle curiosity and tell “our stories.” Her work helps her connect to her intuition and inspired her to help others to re-connect with theirs. Art helps us dig ourselves out of decades of “other people’s rules and expectations to find and celebrate our true identity.” She is the founder/director of A Place of Her Own, an arts-based healing program. Board President of Asian American Women Artists Association 2006 – 2018. She is part of the Collections of the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives, UC Santa Barbara. She lectures on her work, issues related to women and Asian American women in the arts. She’s won awards for her art and leadership: ABC/KGO Profiles in Excellence Leadership award, The 2015 SOMArts Curatorial Fellowship and NPR Radio. Both her art and her community work, has been featured in the textbook by Postcolonial Feminism, the New York Times, SF Arts Monthly, SF Chronicle, Psychology Today, n.paradoxa – international feminist art journal and ERA 21– Czech feminist architecture journal. | instagram | FB cynthiatomart

Meet the Creator

"Cultural Surrealist | Visual Artist |Cultural and Women focused Curator | Community Artist Activist | Founder of A PLACE of HER OWN | Past Board President -Asian American Women Artists Association

Cynthia Tom uses visual art as a means to transform our souls. She is a visual mixed-media artist, painter, and curator who likes to play with the accepted norm, tossing non-verbal questions into the air for our consideration. Her art is known as a source of inspiration for healing, empowerment, spirituality, and change, fostering dialog and building community in innovative ways. As a Cultural Curator and Community Art Activist, she is dedicated to artistically integrating cultural roots and community needs to drive Social Change on a heart level.

Surrealism is the platform for her ideas to ruminate and take form, solutions discovered and rich color deeply informs her work. Painting, mixed media, art installation, and curatorial projects are her means of expression.

Driven by a passion for social justice for women, she develops art-based projects and programs designed to transform women and their communities from the inside out. She believes in curating personal and group art exhibitions that challenge accepted societal and cultural norms on multiple levels. A third-generation Chinese American and native San Franciscan, she has been a professional artist for 20+ years, a curator for 10+ and working formally to heal and transform the community through the arts for 6+ years. She is the founder and director of A Place of Her Own, an arts-based healing and transformation program for women.

Often described in terms such as cultural and social surrealism, her work has been exhibited at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the De Young Museum, Rutgers’s University, Los Gatos Museum of Art, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, SOMArts Cultural Center, Woman Made Gallery - Chicago, Gallery Route One – Pt. Reyes, California Institute of Integral Studies, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Chinese Culture Center, Towers Gallery, to name a few.

She lectures on her work, on issues related to women, feminism in the arts and Asian American women in the arts. She has won numerous awards for her art and leadership, including the ABC/KGO Profiles in Excellence leadership award, The SOMArts Commons Curatorial Fellowship, recognized nationally by NPR Radio in 2010 and 2011, National Association of Professional Women VIP of the Year - 2013. Her art process and pro bono curatorial work with AAWAA have cemented her passion and processes for holding the artistic space for women to heal and transform. Most currently manifested in her long term project, “A PLACE OF HER OWN,” (a culturally informed arts-based healing and transformation project).

Cynthia’s art is a subject of discussion in textbooks, Women Artists’ of the American West, Univ of Purdue, Susan Ressler and a textbook Asian American Art in Post-Colonial Times – University of Padua, by Dr. Laura Fantone, Professor SF Art Institute. For both her art and her work in the community, which are inseparable, she has been featured in the New York Time’s SF Arts Monthly, SF Chronicle, Psychology Today, the Marin Independent Journal, and on KPFA and KPOO radio."

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