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Steven Vasquez Lopez

Shelf Life 007

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Steven Vasquez Lopez meticulously draws plaid fabrics with ink, from his studio in San Francisco, as seen here in Shelf Life 007 (
digital print on aluminum plate; 28 1/4" x 37 1/8" x 1 1/4”; 2015). His mom is a seamstress and introduced him to sewing and fabric at an early age. His work focuses on what he calls the ‘personal fabric of identity,’ and the unravelling or wear and tear that this can experience.

"I have a lot of connections personally to fabric, specifically plaids. The work is a celebration of my identity as a gay Mexican-American artist. And we are constantly weaving this personal fabric of identity. Sometimes, it’s not clear or can be partly unraveled and worn out. My drawings of fabric plaid textiles attempt to celebrate this conundrum of life." - Steven Vasquez Lopez

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