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Created and Sold by Squeak Carnwath

Squeak Carnwath
Fly, Flight Fugit | Art & Wall Decor by Squeak Carnwath | San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco

Fly, Flight Fugit - Art & Wall Decor

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At San Francisco International Airport, there is a porcelain enamel on steel plaque called Fly, Flight Fugit, and created by Squeak Carnwath that states:
“When I’m I’m a Plane, I often think about things that fly naturally. This work is about those things – Bees, Flags, Snow Bugs, Mercury, Rain and Flights of Fancy”
Much of Cornwath’s work is about her own thoughts, reactions, and memories. She frequently combines hand-scrawled words, visual images and color into luminous paintings that prompt the personal thoughts and memories of her viewers.

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