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Created and Sold by Scott Troxel Art

Scott Troxel Art
Voyager 2 Wood Wall Sculpture | Sculptures by Scott Troxel Art | Los Angeles in Los Angeles
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Voyager 2 Wood Wall Sculpture

Featured In Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

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Voyager is a large Mixed Media Wall Sculpture. It was constructed from 2 layers of MDF board with solid African mahogany, wood stain and acrylic paint. Voyager is at once retro and modern. Geometric lines and hard edge paint almost suggest the atomic age, yet the aged mahogany prevents it from being too futuristic (As aluminum or another modern metal would). I wanted to create a piece that looks at once, futuristic and retro. Similar to the industrial and furniture designs of Mid Century Modern movement. Yet while it appears like it could belong in the 1950's space race, the mahogany hardwood and grain texture pulls it back to earth and provides warmth.

Creation: 8-12 weeks

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Scott Troxel Art
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Modern Artist Specializing in Wood and Mixed Media Wall Sculpture

Scott Troxel's modern abstract wall sculptures are complex, jagged and diverse. He crafts modern, bold and graphic work with a sense of Futurist minimalism in some pieces and other times he produces raw, rustic and texture laden sculptures. Often times these conflicting surfaces can be found juxtaposing each other within the same pieces. The themes of time and age are an overarching theme in his work as he incorporates both new, repurposed and found objects into his pieces. He predominately works in wood as a medium, but also incorporates repurposed materials like plastics, PVC, metals and other found objects. By simplifying forms around us, focusing on and repurposing old materials, he encourages us to consider the basic and enduring qualities of modern aesthetics. What's modern, what is the definition of new? Can modern be created with old materials? All the while, his work commands lasting attention with its dynamic, architectural and balanced compositions. His work has been exhibited internationally and acquired in private and corporate collections across the United States, Canada and Europe. Scott has a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University and works out of his studio in New Jersey.