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Created and Sold by NINA GHANBARZADEH


If I could write it differently, 2019 - Art & Wall Decor

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Hand sewn dried acrylic paint on canvas, 84” x 62”.
This work blends the boundaries between painting, drawing and drawing, writing. It uses the same medium as in painting (acrylic on canvas) but differently. At the same time paint is used as a writing/drawing tool, but on a different substrate. The shapes that are sewn on canvas are highly suggestive of writing. To emphasize the use of written Farsi language, some alphabets are quite recognizable and legible. These letters are chosen for their specific shapes and no other reason. Since these shapes and forms are sewn on the fabric, they cannot be erased; they need to be torn apart in order to be re-arranged. This is a different act from fixing a painting or drawing. The entire work has to be stretched out on the floor and walked on to make any changes. I use this as a metaphor and ask these questions: if I could go back in time, how would I change a page or two from my story? Would I need more or less courage to change it? Would I want to change it at all knowing that all the past experiences have made me the person that I am today?

Item If I could write it differently, 2019
As seen in Private Residence, Cedar Grove, WI
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Using my mother tongue - Farsi- I make drawings that create a sense of calmness.

Nina Ghanbarzadeh is a Wisconsin visual artist and an entrepreneur taking a universal approach to written language in her art. She emigrated from Tehran, Iran in 2001. Nina earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting, drawing and graphic design from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 2013 and completed a two-year Artist in Residency Program with Redline Milwaukee in 2015. In addition to participating in several group shows, Nina received the Mary L. Nohl Suitcase Export Fund, Student Silver ADDY and Fredric R. Layton Foundations Scholarship awards and the winner of best in show in Wisconsin Biennial 2020.

Most recently, Nina launched ARTkee Educational Toys, which produces SOFTwords, kits of basic shapes that allow children to explore the shapes as images as well as text.
Nina draws inspiration for her educational toy business and her art from cultural differences and the limitations of language. She finds beauty in the abstract marks that make up the symbols for language and explores the possibility of peace, happiness and togetherness through the universal language of art.