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Michele Theberge
Art & Wall Decor by Michele Theberge seen at California College of the Arts, Oakland - A Certain Tiny Ecstasy

A Certain Tiny Ecstasy

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Mixed media installation | 10 x 13 x 11 ft. As you enter the ceiling-less room, you are forced to duck slightly under a sheer white scrim at the top of the doorway. In front of you stretches a vortex of tiny blue arcs ascending thirteen feet (4.5 m) and gradually increasing in size from a millimeter to a nearly a meter across. The base of this shape points to a drawing of a small face in an expression of complete peace. Opposite is a wall, five feet shorter painted with the faintest blue haze so imperceptible as to cause the viewer to take a second look to be sure it isn’t some shadow, reflection, or other trick of the eye. The adjacent wall is totally white except for a tiny blue dot just off center. The fourth wall holds a “window” created from a rectangle white satin fabric with sheet of clear blue plastic taped over it.

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Michele Theberge

Meet the Creator

Many people are longing to connect with that deeper, more still part of themselves. My works are an invitation to quiet contemplation leading to the inner world of subtle experience.
I use a wide range of media — including drawing, painting, installation and interactive projects — to explore the connections between the material and immaterial worlds and to share the expansive calm experienced in meditation. The lightness of the materials – paper, mylar, pins, fabric, water, glass, plastic, washy fluid paint lend an ethereal quality.
My drawing and meditation practices have become so intertwined that they influence each other intimately. The immediacy of drawing helps me capture precious moments – the touch of the brush on the paper, the ratio of water to pigment, the chance happening of each mark as it is made.
Some of the drawings have been described as “delicate navigations,” tracing energetic patterns as they move through space resulting in images that are tender, mysterious, poignant. Each mark represents a moment in time in a thread of mindfulness and presence.